Gloria Picktoria

The Game

"Gloria Picktoria" is a card collecting game for the best circles of chicken yard society.

What a lot of cackling!  Ever since the king of cock and roll “Chick Berry” announced his intention to visit the chicken yard, every hen has desired to be a “Chicken of the World”. Such a fluffing-up has not been seen for a long time. Trend-conscious chickens have been collecting an assortment of chic accessories for quite a while. In their collections, hats of golden ears of corn, top quality platinum anklets and of course genuine fox bedside rugs dared not be left out.  With "Gloria Picktoria" the winner is the player who has created the most extensive and most valuable collection possible. If only the stealthy fox was not always prowling about, trying to ruin every collection.


Card Game
Anzahl Spieler
2-5 Players
Alter Spieler
from 10 years
ca. 45 minutes
130 x 130 x 40 mm
Alan R. Moon, Mick Ado
Doris Matthäus