Polterfass ("Rumble Barrel")

The Game

Polterfass is a dice game for three to 6 player of age 8+.

Rolling the dice has just been invented anew! Out of the dice cup fall real barrels. If they remain standing, their contents are poured out to the guests. If they (not all) fall over, they can be rolled again – or not. This decides the innkeeper, whose role the players assume one after another. It is the goal of the other players to have as much as possible of the poured out delicious liquid flow their way. If their order is overall too high, however, the innkeeper keeps it ALL for himself.

Each round knowledge of human nature, instinct and luck are needed, as each innkeeper shows another character in pouring out and the barrels stand (or fall) by their own laws. Moreover, two special barrels open up room for suspense, as often the innkeeper can make barrels disappear. However, It might also payoff for him to double the amounts of poured out profits, as anything which is not ordered, he keeps for himself...

The player who in the course of several game rounds secures more than 75 pitchers and more than all fellow players, wins an extremely refined, completely new and witty dice game... without dice.


Anzahl Spieler
3-6 Spieler
Alter Spieler
ab 8 Jahre
20-30 Minuten
200 x 200 x 70 mm
Andreas Schmidt
Alexander Jung
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