Potato Man


Following an old proverb often the dumbest farmers have the biggest potatoes. Superhero “Potato Man”, however, decided to end this inequality. Starched like a potato he brakes away from the rest of the field to save the most enslaved conks. Therefore, tasty little potatoes are the most treasured in this trick-taking game...

There are different kinds of potatoes in four colors and sizes in the game. In this trick-taking game there are several original Specialties: Every color may be played only once for every trick. Usually, indeed the highest card wins the trick, but the lowest potato values are led to victory against the biggest conks by "Potato Man". Additionally, the smaller and tastier the potatoes helping to win a trick, the more victorious potato bags are filled.

“Potato Man” does not only have strange and enticing dynamics as a trick-taking game. Also its theme of a comic hero to identify with brings major fun to the game tables.


trick game
Anzahl Spieler
2-7 players
Alter Spieler
from 10 years
ca. 40 minutes
121 x 94 x 17 mm
Günter Burkhardt & Wolfgang Lehmann
Victor Boden
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