Da ist der Wurm drin | Children's Game of the Year 2011


During the burrowing rally through a neighbor’s garden, each player lets a worm disappear in the "soil" of the three-layer gameboard. On each turn, using the color die, you determine how long your worm may stretch while burrowing.

If you also closely watch the other players’ worms, you can correctly estimate from the outset which burrower will be the first to come up at the "peephole" of the flower and strawberry patch. As your reward, your own worm may dig faster in the hope of being the first to stretch his little winning head out of the soil.

"Da ist der Wurm drin" is an easy-as-pie and cunning dice and observation game in which even young children, with growing curiosity, learn to assess differences in distance, length and speed.

The view into the "observation slits" of the gameboard provides unforgettable surprise effects and affirmation effects in play that boosts children's self-confidence while it engrosses and amazes adults

Worm Digging Party

Digging Race Bet


Kinderspiel des Jahres 2011


Board game
Anzahl Spieler
5 players
Alter Spieler
from 8 years
ca. 30 minutes
149 x 297 x 70 mm
Carmen Kleinert
Heidemarie Rüttinger
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