Leinen los!

The Game

Around the eight buoys you must navigate your boat – but THESE are UNUSUAL boats! Hull and motor are only loosely connected, making it tricky to move in your intended direction. And you’ll have to hurry too, as you only have until a fellow player winds the rope around the bollard to finish your turn.

With just a single finger to guide it, you steer your intrepid boat through shark-infested waters. And because the board has routes of varying difficultly, younger and older children can play together.

Leinen Los! captivates with its beautiful components, its unique movement mechanic, and its exciting play. A timeless modern classic* among children’s games.

    *1997 ausgezeichnet mit dem Sonderpreis Kinderspiel der Jury „Spiel des Jahres“


Children's Game
Anzahl Spieler
2-4 players
Alter Spieler
from 6 years
ca. 20 minutes
295 x 295 x 70 mm
60 110 5111
Alex Randolph
Matthias Holländer