Spring ins Feld!

The Game

This garden fairy Flora has nothing but flowers on her mind!

The game figure is completely fresh and unique: the garden fairy carries a die in her transparent cap. While she is walking from one flowerbed to the next, she constantly comes up with new blossom colors „in her mind.“ The color indicates what type of flower she‘d like to pick from the flowerbed she just entered. When Flora has finally collected blossoms in all colors and, on top of that, two butterflies have alighted next to her, she is happy. The first player to provide her this pleasure wins the game.

Spring ins Feld! is a colorful children‘s game for all flower children 4 years and up.


Children's Game
Anzahl Spieler
2-4 players
Alter Spieler
from 4 years
ca. 15 minutes
295 x 295 x 70 mm
60 110 5098
Anja Dreier-Brückner, Klaus Zoch
Doris Matthaeus