Ice Cult


These cubes are easy to see through. If you twist and turn them in the right direction, you‘ll get out of the bitter cold at the polar center of the playing area.

With only two turns, the desired direction arrows and movement symbols have to be brought to the top side of the four „ice blocks.“ Since all 24 sides of the cubes are visible through the crystal-clear cubes, tricky spatial challenges come up constantly. You move your stackable figures in the direction that the arrows point. In doing so, you can sometimes use clever tactics by jumping on another player‘s bandwagon and doing icy passing maneuvers. If you make the right turn(s), you‘ll arrive with your five figures at the warmth-giving ends of the ice paths and win the game.

Ice Cult is a cool tactical game with three-dimensional depth and amazingly easy rules.


Family Game
Anzahl Spieler
2-4 players
Alter Spieler
10 years and up
ca. 30 minutes
295 x 295 x 70 mm
60 110 5087
Joe Wetherell
Victor Boden