Zicke Zacke Igelkacke

The Game

There’s a lot going on in the orchard!!! On this day, the Hedgehog Olympics are all about fruit snatching.
Each hedgehog (= Igel!), while zipping by, wants to snatch the pinned fruit from his friends' quills. The first to “relieve” all competitors of the fruit they collected, is the winner. Only if you remember the way around your garden you wiil make good progress; because a dull-quilled hedgehog with memory lapses won't get any of the glory at the medal awarding.

Lay the 12 eight-cornered garden tiles face down in the middle of the table. Then place the 24 serrated path-leaves in any order face up in a circle around the garden tiles. Now each player gets one hedgehog onto which he pins one piece of fruit to start. Put the hedgehogs on the path-leaves in such a way that there is the same distance between all hedgehogs.

Let the race begin!

The rapid-memory race with hedgehogs is a classic game that will not only inspire kids!


Board Game
Anzahl Spieler
2-4 players
Alter Spieler
from 4 years
15 - 20 minutes
297 x 295 x 72 mm
Klaus Zoch
Doris Matthäus
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