Game Events 2016

Zoch participates in various game events all over Germany throughout the whole year and organizes tournaments for "Crossboule c³" and "Pickomino". Here you find the details to all these events and our activities on game fairs. Come play with us!

Internationale Spieltage Essen: SPIEL'16 (10/2016)

Es ist wieder soweit: Alljährlich im Oktober gibt es 4 Tage Spielen satt! Die SPIEL‘16 ist für jeden Spielbegeisterten und Spielinteressierten ein Muss! Das Herbstprogramm und viele Spiele vom Zoch Verlag findet Ihr in Halle 3, Stand 3-J108. Eine Crossboule und Spinderella-Area warten ebenfalls auch Euch, den Stand findet Ihr Halle "Galeria" , Stand GA-11. Wir freuen uns auf Euch! Mehr Infos

Pickomino App for Android Available! (08/2016)

Now, the famous dice game is also available for your android phone and tablet. Online and offline, there is no stopping the fun for worm-fanatical players.

Download the app now!

Another outstanding award for an excellent game! (07/2016)

"Nitro Glyxerol" is awarded a s a ‘Spiele-Hit 2016’ in the category ‘familiy game’ by the Austrian jury of the ‘Österreichischer Spielepreis’

Pickomino tournament finals in munich (03/2016)

Die 10. Heckmeck-Wurmmeisterschaft war wieder ein voller Erfolg! Zum Finale in München war sogar der Spieleautor Reiner Knizia hochstpersönlich gekommen. Somit konnten die 150 wilden Bratwurmgriller trotz Niederlagen noch Autogramme einfahren. Gratulation an die Siegerin Angelina Meyer! Hier ein paar Impressionen des Finales! Alle Termine und Infos zur nächsten WM findet ihr unter

International Toy Fair Nuremberg

The world's biggest toy fair - the International Toy Fair Nuremberg - is in full play from January 27 until Monday, February 1, 2016!
We are presenting all the novelties for Spring 2016 in hall 10.1, booth C-09, next to our neighbour Noris Games.

"Spinderella" won the "German Game Award 2015" (09/2015)

Spinderella wurde mit dem Preis „Deutscher KinderspielePreis 2015" ausgezeichnet!
Wir bedanken uns recht herzlich bei allen, die für Spinderella gestimmt haben!
Die Auszeichnung wird im Oktober im Rahmen der Spiel `2015 in Essen überreicht, wir freuen uns riesig!!!!

"Mucca Pazza" is "Children's Game of the Year 2015" in Finland (08/2015)

We are happy to announce that Mucca Pazza, by designer Iris Rossbach, has won the Finnish children's game of the year award! A sliding game for kids and anyone who can appreciate the madly silly things in life.

"Spinderella" is "Children's Game of the Year 2015" (06/2015)

All good things come from above...
"Spinderella" from Zoch is  "Kinderspiel des Jahres 2015" (Children's Game of the Year 2015)!! "Spinderella" and her spidren-brothers love to rappel themselves from the treetops to surprise their favorite food: Ants!
The game is a three-dimensional tingly event for playful young spiders and fast ants, where nerves hang on a thread.

"Spinderella" is nominated for the "Best Children's Game Illustration" (06/2015)

"Spinderella" from Zoch has been nominated for the "Best Children's Game Illustration 2015" of the Graf Ludo 2015 prize!

The award ceremony will take place in Leipzig on the 2nd of Octobre at the models-hobbies-games - Exhibition!

"Spinderella" nominated for "Game of the Year 2015" (05/2015)

All good things come from above...
"Spinderella" has been nominated for "Kinderspiel des Jahres 2015" (Children's Game of the Year 2015). "Spinderella" and her spidren-brothers love to rappel themselves from the treetops to surprise their favorite food: Ants!
The game is a three-dimensional tingly event for playful young spiders and fast ants, where nerves hang on a thread.

Pickomino App Available! (04/2015)

Now, the famous dice game is also available for your iPad or iPhone. Online and offline, there is no stopping the fun for worm-fanatical players. More Infos on facebook (german).

Download the app now!

Enigma has been nominated for the MinD-Gameaward! (03/2015)

MinD, Mensa in Deutschland, the high IQ society has nominated Enigma in the category "short playing time" in 2015.


Spinderella nominated for ToyAward 2015! (01/2015)

This game is positively spiderific...
Spinderella is hanging from a single thread of spider silk. It is her favorite thing to be roped down by her two big brothers so that she can turn the forest ants' great marathon upside down.

has been nominated for the ToyAward 2015 - SchoolKids (6 -10).
Click here to visit the ToyAward 2015 homepage.

Ghost Blitz App Available! (10/2014)

Now, the brilliant reaction game is also available for your smartphone or tablet. Online or offline, on a single device or more, as a solo experience or with up to five of your friends – Ghost Blitz is an ingenious brain twister for players of all ages.

Download Ghost Blitz on the App Store, get it on Google Play, or via the Amazon Appstore!

Enigma Nominated for Schaukelpferd 2014 Award! (05/2014)

Enigma has been nominated for the Goldenes Schaukelpferd 2014 award. All Enigma fans have until 01st July to cast their votes for this Zoch novelty.

Riff Raff is children´s game of the year 2014 in France! (02/2014)

Avast, great news! Riff Raff, the dexterity game for salty sea dogs and land lubbers by Christoph Cantzler, has been awarded the As d’Or – Jeu de l’Année enfants 2014, children's game of the year in France.

Mimikri has been awarded the Deutscher Lernspielpreis as best educational game of the year! (November 2013)

Think you can't trust your on eyes? Well, you better believe it;  "Mimikri" is 2013's Educational Game of the Year!
"Mimikri" is a whimsical butterfly game. Ready your special camera and discover new, brilliant wing patterns!
What a whirl of colors in the skies!

Chicken Cha Cha Cha - The App has been awarded! (10/2013)

Cluck cluck! Get the Cha Cha App for iPad! The app is nominated for the Tommi Kindersoftwarepreis 2013 (German children software award).  And the app is awarded for the GIGA-MAUS 2013 as best educational software.

Tobago - Game of the Year in Denmark and Game of the Year Nominee in Finland.

Tobago is a voyage of exploration, a treasure island, and now also  Game of the Year 2013 in Denmark. Tobago is also Game of the Year nominee in Finland. A big thank you!

Did you know that Tobago also received MinD nominations in 2012 as well as 2013 (Mensa Germany)?

Get Chicken Cha Cha Cha for iPad now! (10/2013)

Zicke & Zacke now cackle on the iPad! Up to 4 players steal each other's tail feathers. In single player mode try to strip the computer chicken of its rear drive.

Enter our facebook sweepstake and win the app or another Zoch game!

Get Chicken Cha Cha Cha on the App Store now!

Aquileia nominated for "MinD Spieletipp 2014"!

MinD, Mensa in Deutschland, the association for the intellectually gifted in Germany, recognizes Aquileia as a playful challenge even for superbrains:

The game, where only the highest sophistication in plotting for ancient power secures victory, is nominated for the MinD Spieletipp 2014!

"Deutscher Lernspielpreis 2013": Mimikri nominated!

Mimikri combines the popular "memory" principle with the training of spatial imagination. Moreover, the game has a marvelously colorful design!

The "Deutscher Lernspielpreis" (German learning game award) has been awarded by the editors of the magazine "spielen und lernen" for ten years. You will find more respective information in the complete press release on the nomination.

"Mucca Pazza" nominated for "Kinderspiel des Jahres 2013"!

We are nominated! "Mucca Pazza" our combination game for little tacticians of age 4+ made it on the poll for the most prestigious German children game award of the year "Kinderspiel des Jahres 2013" (children game of the year 2013). Two more champions from the stable Zoch Verlag were mentioned favorably by the jury "Spiel des Jahres". The stormy dexterity game "Riff Raff" and the party game "Hand auf's Herz" appear on the recommendation list 2013. These are the nominees by the jury "Spiel des Jahres 2013".

Crossboule recommended by "spiel gut"!

The study group "Kinderspiel + Spielzeug" recommends Crossboule Mountain and, thereby, awards the game with the official seal "spiel gut" ("play well"). We really appreciate the consideration!

The seal "spiel gut" is awarded to games satisfying the following criteria: "Good toys are supposed to support the development of children [...] and are to inspire imaginative, active play."

The Heckmeck-Finals 2012! (03/2013)

There’s a winner of the Finals in Munich!! Conny Kagerer is the Heckmeck-Champion 2012! Here are pictures of the exciting Finals of the Heckmeck-WM. Mastership Round 8 of the cult game “Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck” starts in March 2013! Here are infos and locations of the preliminary tournaments!

FAQ's Riff Raff and new games rules (02/2013)

Because the state of the sea and the state of mind have some facts in common, we now have some FAQ's, tipps, tricks and tacticatl finesses about "Riff Raff" on our homepage. The games rules now also include the catching of the piece that you were trying to load onto your ship. Here are the new rules!

Julian's Geistesblitz Invention (02/2013)

Julian (5) from Renningen always had great ideas. His last one is an invention of his own Geistesblitz, which he had after playing our "Geistesblitz" and "Geistesblitz 2.0" with his parents. Here is his private version of "Geistesblitz" - in in his own words and of course with a picture: more

Our youngest worm got a name: REMO RETTICH! (11/2012)

Together with the online game magazine Pöppelkiste we had launched a sweepstake to find a name for our little mint-colored worm. Thank you very much for your great suggestions! Winner and name giver Gregor Thomas from Lucerne will be happy about his wormy game package: Karolinchen, Streifen Toni and the Game of the Year 2011 ("Kinderspiel des Jahres 2011") Da ist der Wurm drin. Congratulations!

Awards for "Geistesblitz" & "Da ist der Wurm drin" in Skandinavia! (09/2012)

Oh, Zoch Verlag, rejoice! Scandinavians like worms and ghosts! "Da ist der Wurm drin" by the name of "Mato Mato" was crowned "Children's Game of the Year 2012" in Sweden. As "Blitz" in Finland our "Geistesblitz" received the award "Family Game of the Year 2012". Go check it out!

"Kalimambo" scores another award: „Spiele Hit für Familien 2012“! (08/2012)

In collaboration with his friend Kali armour-plated Mambo likes to spank the behinds of clueless desert scientists. Now, likeable as they are, both of the freaky creatures managed to score another time: "Kalimambo" wins the reknown award "Spiele Hit 2012" in the category family game! Here you find the game.

We are nominated! (08/2012)

"Flossen hoch!" is nominated for the "Deutsche Lernspielpreis 2012" in the category "age 3 and up". End of May the jury of the family magazine "spielen und lernen" and the tutoring school Studienkreis announced the nominees for the learning game award which have been chosen from the many games submitted. In the next months the students of the tutoring institute are going to test the games and crown the winner.

Highly Recommended! (07/2012)

Even two novelties that carry the name of Zoch are highlighted among this year’s contestants by the jury "Spiel des Jahres". For children the jurors recommend our thrilling fishing game "Flossen hoch!" In the main category "Spiel des Jahres" "Kalimambo" is one of the endorsed games in 2012. Meet both recommendations right here.

Heckmeck Worm Cup (04/2012)

"Good Worm!" everybody! The ultimate "Worm Cup" is on! The season of 2011 is still running. Keep on rolling your dice 'cause you can't stop anyway. Join the fun and show that you won't chicken out. On our tournament page you find out when and where.

The World of Rule Games (03/2012)

Games are training fields for communication, where children learn to interact with the world. The information we compiled helps educators and parents to assist their children's development in a playful way, cultivate their strengths and boost their self-confidence. This is a natural guide, which helps understanding atmosphere, joy of playing, learning and fun as a unit.


Tobago Online (11/2011)

There is another treasure island on the internet now! "Tobago" is online and loads of digital riches wait to be seized by treasure hunters from all over the world. The online version of "Tobago" is modelled closely by the attractive design of the board game and additionally provides the opportunity to find fellow players from all over the world around the clock. Go to Tobago Online

"Da ist der Wurm drin" is "Kinderspiel des Jahres 2011"! (07/2011)

"Da ist der Wurm drin" from Zoch has won the famous award: "Kinderspiel des Jahres 2011".
On the suggestion list of the Jury "Spiel des Jahres" 2011 you can find  "Safranito" and "Geistesblitz" .
The card game "Zicke Zacke" is mentioned on the suggestion list "Kinderspiel des Jahres" 2011.

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