Christoph Cantzler

Christoph Cantzler

In his youth Christoph Cantzler dreamt of a career as a writer. But when his first play was not staged, he simply turned it into a board game. This was in 1991. Meanwhile the Hamburgian published more than 100 board, card, online and business games as well as game books, posters and event concepts. About 20 games were devised in collaboration with colleagues. A good half of them together with Anja Wrede.
Cantzler is fascinated how easily games can enrich life and solve problems. In this context he also consults companies and organisations helping them with the development of suitable games. Furthermore, he hosts workshops and gives speeches on the topic of games. Christoph Cantzler is a full-time game author, member of the network Agens by the Spiele-Autoren-Zunft (German Game Designer Association) and the work group Spielquadrat.


When playing I try to think out of the box as well. Besides, I read novels, I am interested in theater and film, I love to run and to enjoy myself in the water.

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

If I were there all alone, I would bring: "Bandu" (as a foundation for a city), "Ein solches Ding" (for inventions), dice (for difficult decisions) and, of course, "Riff Raff" (to be able to play with castaways).

I like playing, because...

... because it helps me connecting to others and myself at the same time.

How I get my best ideas for games:

Often it is everyday conflicts and observations, which inspire me. Or memories as well: for example, a toy tumbler, with which I played at my aunt Gisela's as a child, led me to the idea for "Riff Raff" (Thanks, aunt!).

This was my first game:

"Doppel-Pack" is my first game called, which actually had my name (as well as Ole Kampovski's and Peter Lemcke's) on it. The card game was published in 1998 for the exhibition "Automobil im Spiel", which was presented in show rooms of BMW.


My homepage:


  • 2012 Riff Raff
  • 2013 Brautkraut (with Anja Wrede)