Dominique Ehrhard

Dominique Ehrhard

After my studies of the arts, I taught in Morocco for a few years (maybe the inspiration for Suleika can be understood as a souvenir from that experience), before I erected my studio at the shores of Loire in the marvelous region of the great Royal Castles.

Besides painting, illustration of children books and the creation of children games, I share my life with my wife and my two children.


I am very lucky that there is no division between my professional and private activities, as all my professional activities are my hobbies at the same time. The little time I can spare, I always use to travel the world with my family.

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

If I had to stay on a remote island for long, I would bring the game "Go" and the book "Petit Traite Invitant A La Decouverte De L'Art Subtil Du Go" by Georges Perec. Then I would make a serious attempt to learn "Go".

My homepage:

How I get my best ideas for games:

The major part of my ideas emerges from the visual. That may be a photography, an old geographic map or a page from an encyclopedia. There I see an own small world and then I try to set up rules how life might work there. Of course, the process is much more complicated than I describe it here and this exactly is the exciting part about it.

I like playing because:

Because play is an existential and fascinating activity for the human mind - no matter if for children or for adults.

This was my first game:

1990 : SNARPS (Schmidt Spiele)


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