Jeroen Geenen

Jeroen Geenen

I am a 42 year old econometrician living in the Rotterdam area in the Netherlands. In daily life I work for ORTEC Finance, as product manager of our in-house developed system for Asset Liability Management for institutional investors. Board Games are my big hobby.
I loved to play games as a kid and we would often play traditional card games. As a student and in my late twenties I hardly did any board gaming, mostly because of lack of opponents. Around 2005 I realized I was not the only person with a love of board games. I started participating in local gaming groups and started designing games at the same time.


Well, I have two children, a wife and a fulltime job. So, besides playing and designing board games there is not much time for hobbies. In the time I do have left I like to walk, cook, listen to pop music, watch English murder dramas on the TV with my wife and to skate or ski in the winter.

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

To start with: 2 decks of playing cards and the Oxford A-Z of card games by David Parlett. If we are with only two, I would take Blue Moon and Schotten Totten. If I had more space and we would be with at least four of us, I would take the two great team games Crokinole and Tichu. I will probably also bring a copy of Dominion with all the expansions; all the time in the world to figure out all the combinations. And finally, Formel Fun, the feel good racing game.

How I get my best ideas for games:

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes there is a subject that grabs me and I think about how to turn it into a game. Sometimes I start with how I want the players to experience the game and I try to create the game that produces this experience. Sometimes I take a mechanic and try to see if I can put a spin on it. Sometimes I just wake up with an idea from a game in my head.

I like playing because:

It is a pastime that keeps your brain busy and lets you engage with other people. Besides that, I am a very competitive person and I love winning…

This was my first game:

The first game I designed is Rat Race. With Rat Race I wanted to create a game that is just as much about playing the other players as it is about playing the game system. This resulted in a very interactive game about in-company politics. It is one of my all-time favorites, but sadly it is still looking for a publisher.
Cherry picking is my first published design; I hope you like it.


  • 2014 Cherry Picking