Thilo Hutzler

Thilo Hutzler

Thilo Hutzler was born in Feucht near Nuermberg. After studying german philology, history, political science and sociology he published his first game "Conflix" in 1989. Until now his passion for games has never ceased and he published 35 more games, equally many are still unpublished on his desk. Today he is living in Donauwörth with his wive Andrea and his two sons Christian and Tobias, with whom he runs a online-shop for trading card games. He is also a teacher for middle school german, history and social studies.


inventing games, inventing games ... and inventing games.

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

Not even one. I would rather take a bag full of material for games to invent some more games.

My homepage:

I like playing because:

... I like to discover new worlds.
... it is a special communication with other people.
... work should not be more than half of your life.


How do I get the best ideas for my games:

The ideas just suddenly pop into my mind, and then I try to pinpoint them, make notes write them down and later come back to them - or not. I see myself as a kind of midwife for ideas, helping them to be born and to become real games sooner or later.



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