Reiner Knizia

Reiner Knizia

Degreed Mathematician (University of Ulm). Master of Science (Syracruse University, USA), Doctor of Mathematics (University of Ulm).

Lectureships for project management and management techniques at numerous universities and institutes; latest lectureships for game design as well, e.g. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Various subject publications in the field of mathematics and management.

1999 - 2001: Chairman of the association of game authors (SAZ).

Now, full-time game author with more than 400 published games and game books in numerous countries and languages.


  • 2005 Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck
  • 2007 Alles Tomate!
  • 2008 Sushizock im Gockelwok
  • 2009 Alles Trolli
  • 2010 Heckmeck Junior
  • 2010 Heckmeck Barbecue
  • 2010 Fifty Fifty
  • 2012 Alles Kanone!