Wolfgang Lehmann

Wolfgang Lehmann

During my childhood in the 70s games ment to me an intensive experience. For Spitz paß auf! I needed nerves of steel. Malefiz evoked in me an almost unbearable feeling of trepidation, when the blocking stones prevented me from getting ahead. Wildlife, however, made me feel the vastness of the world and I experienced the feeling of getting richer and richer. And when my grandmother while playing nine men's morris announced to me that she had a "fu*ing morris" now, I was bashful and blushed. Even today I am fascinated by the diverse worlds of experience which fit into a cardboard box!


Designing games seems to be my hobby, even when I sometimes wish it was my job.

Games I would take with me to a deserted island:

What would I want with games on a deserted island? On there I would prefer books and sound mediums.

I like playing, because...

.. this special, witty way of being together with other people cannot be experienced otherwise.

How I get my best ideas for games:

Most of my ideas hit me when I am reading novels or special interest books; first as intangible, not yet exactly identifiable thoughts which are soon irrevocably lost, if I do not secure them for the real world by writing them down in a few words.

My homepage:

Wolfgang Lehman on www.spieleautorenzunft.de.


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