Frank Nestel

Frank Nestel

Born in Backnang on 12th of October 1965. I studied mathematics. After my graduation, my hobby became my profession and now I work with computers and websites.

Somehow, I have always been playing - at first with my parents, then with classmates. But only with Doris I seriously stepped into the board game world.




My family, riding the bike, "geocaching", but also producing computer programs and websites.

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

Shouldn't that be solitary games?

My homepage:

How I get my game ideas:

When my thoughts are free, I develop my game ideas. This usually happens just before I fall asleep or while riding the bike.

This was my first game:

My first published game was "Olym Hunt" for HP 41 C around 1982. A short version of it can be found here:

My first published board game was "Eselsrennen" (1989).


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