Carlo Rossi

Carlo Rossi

Born in 1968, I always loved playing board games since I was a child; and, much more than this, I always tried to figure out the mechanisms behind good games. All this till I thought to invent my own, and started filling tons of paper with ideas.
Finally, I decided to make my very first one in 2002 which I submitted to the Premio Archimede, an international contest for unpublished games organized by Studiogiochi. Well I arrived 1st over nearly 100 of submission! Yes, with the very first game I invented.
One year later I submitted 2 games for the contest organized by Lucca Games (the biggest game tradeshow in Italy) and, believe it or not, I got the 1st and 2nd place.
I really couldn’t ignore so promising results and told myself I could have a chance in the gaming world as a designer.
Thus, in 2005 I co-founded, with my friends Alessandro Zucchini and Alfredo Berni, Cogito Studio a team of game designers; lately, in 2006, we have been acquired by our friends of Studiogiochi (a game designer team headed by Leo Colovini) and, since then, we are collaborating with them.


Actually I feel much more a gamer rather than a designer; I always try to organize gaming nights and never have enough of playing as well as collecting games. Besides this, I like reading as well as playing indoor football and beach volley. Recently, I became a fan of illustrated books for children and started to collect them; may be some day I’ll try to create something in that field also.

Btw, some rumourmongers says that one of my hobby is being a Product Manager in a Telecommunication company also”¦ well they are just kidding since this is my regular employment, of course ;-)

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

Well, I’ll surely take Memoir 44 with all the expansions I own; so I’ll finally be able to play all the hundreds of scenarios that DoW released; and may be chess, along with a good manual.

My homepage:

How I get my best ideas for games:

Very hard to explain; very often, when something very strange and original catches my attention (it could be in any occasion, like while reading books or watching a movie or talking with my friends etc) I always ask myself how I can translate it into a game; also good games are a very strong source of inspiration.

A (curious?) thing that I noticed is that I tend to be more creative when I do boring things at work”¦ guess it’s a way to not feel I’m wasting time J

This was my first game:

My first game has been Graverobbers ( published by Jolly Roger Games, a small American publisher


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