Andreas Schmidt

Andreas Schmidt

"Jackal & High" is Andreas Schmidt's fourth published game. About 2003 he got the idea to develop board games. He invented some games and 2009 his first game "Shen Shi" was published.

After job training as a banker, he studied business administration. But being a creative person, he did not stick with bank business but rather went on to advertising business and 2009 he founded the ad agency named 'phantastischer RAUM' ('phantastical room') with his partner Sabine Pickener.


Science fiction in TV, movies, books or rather: everywhere. Photography, digital art and of course playing board games.

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

If there is electricity: a Playstation2 and the game 'Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas' (the best game ever). Skat (depending on who is coming with me) and Catan.

My homepage:

I like playing because:

Playing board games is: a cosy get-together.  Tuning out the daily routine. getting and trying new ideas and concepts.


How do I get the best ideas for my games:

For "Jackal & High" (prototype was named Visee) I had the idea to throw eight-sided dice as exactly as possible to a certain numeric value. Later cards joined the dice and the values on the cards needed certain combinations of dice being thrown.



  • 2012 Jackal & High