Eilig Svensson

Eilif Svensson

I was born in 1974 in Oslo, Norway. Today I live in a town called Mjøndalen, one hour from Oslo, with my wife, son and cat. The forest is my nearest neighbor.

My education is Master of Business and Economics, and after some years as Financial Manager in a couple of American companies, I enjoy being a Business Controller in a Norwegian company. Board game designing is still mainly a hobby.


Since it is a long, dark winter in Norway, playing games is and was a typical winter activity. We also went skiing and skating a lot when I was younger. I became a decent speed skater back then. In the 80’s, we usually played cards with our family on Saturday evenings. During holidays more traditional board games, like Monopoly, were brought in.


I have always loved to make stuff - be creative. As kids, my brother and I made newspapers for the classmates. I made my first song when I was 10 years old. And I am still a songwriter, but without doing anything serious about it. Guitar and organ are my instruments.


My game designing began around 2005. In Norway, trivia games were the main thing, and still are. I didn’t know about anything else, except for the traditional ones. I started to develop a trivia game that had more tactical elements than the trivia games out on the market. So, after a lot of development and testing, I sent it to a Norwegian publisher. They seemed to like the idea a lot, and in 2007, they published the game under the name “Connecto”. The game sold quite a lot.

But more important: I started to meet other gamers, publishers and designers in Norway and other countries, exploring the world of board games. My real education had begun… Since then, I have mainly designed eurogames, but still published a couple of trivia games. This year, I also established an own company, Aporta Games, for designing and publishing of board games and digital games.


Music is a main hobby: Song writing and listen to high quality pop/rock. The Beatles is my favorite, although I should be too young for that. I love to watch sports on TV, especially winter sports and football. I’m a Liverpool fan! My wife and I love to travel, so we try to experience as many different countries and cultures as we can. Of course, I play a lot of games, and there are always too many games I don’t get time to play.

Designing games is my main hobby, since I like all parts of it, especially since I can use both my creative and analytical skills. I am still aiming for making the perfect game: so simple as one page rule, and so exciting as the best gamers game. Hope I’ll get there one day!

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

That depends on who’s there with me. I guess Carcassonne, Las Vegas, No Thanks, High Society and Kingdom Builder would do the job for a long time. They work for most people, and you never really get tired of them. Lancaster is my favorite, though, but I don’t know how many gamers there are on such a remote island.

I like playing because:

You challenge your brain while having fun and socializing.


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