Klaus Zoch

Klaus Zoch

Born on April 30th, 1953 during Walpurgis Night in Zell aH in Southern Baden.

Since 1960, attendance of various schools together with Albrecht Werstein, making first experience in creating games.

A-levels in 1972.

From 1974 on, studies of theoretical physics taking side trips into parascience in Freiburg. Chaos studies.

During the 80s, jobs in various branches. In 1983 the purchase of the Pyrenees village Buerba failed due to the lack of fantasy of the partners - the place should have become a players' paradise.

From 1984 on, works on games. In 1985 the first developments started.

1986: Design of "Bausack"

1987: Founding of Zoch publishing company, together with my school-friend Albrecht Werstein.

From 1988 on, shift of my life center into the Vosges mountains, where I could concentrate on science, game creation, and the critical debate about our Western culture.

1992: Founding of Zoch Verlags GmbH

1993: Purchase of a farmer house in Clefcy/France. Setup of a workshop.

1999: Founding of "Jeux des Clefcy". This company shall secure my autonomy from Zoch GmbH. At the same time, it is doing preliminary works for Zoch. Besides smaller works, especially prototypes are being designed there.


Nobel prize in physics.
Setup of a steam bath.


motorcycle riding, hiking and walking, Karate and boxing, parascience and philosophy, Jazz

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

"Nobody is perfect"
"Liar`s Dice" (= "Bluff" featuring some terrific, rattling, green toothbrush tumblers made of plastic)


  • 1985 Wer Wohnt Wo 1
  • 1987 Bausack
  • 1994 Sac Noir
  • 1996 Wer Wohnt Wo 2
  • 1998 Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke
  • 2000 Zicke Zacke Entenkacke
  • 2000 Zapp Zerapp (zusammen mit Heinz Meister)
  • 2003 Iglu Pop (zusammen mit Heinz Meister)
  • 2008 Professor Pünschge
  • 2009 Zicke Zacke Igelkacke
  • 2012 Ritter Rost