Chislaine Van den Bulk

Chislaine Van den Bulk

As long as I can remember I like games.
As a kid I sometimes used to have a 'game-afternoon' with my little sister.
At turns we choose a game and put it on a pile, afterwards we played them one by one. Usually the pile was too large to play them all in time.
The games that got played most often were "Cluedo", "Stratego" and "The Amazeing Labyrinth", with "Stratego" as my favourite.

In 2001 I first came to know about "Het Spellenspektakel". The first time I thought it was fantastic and soon one day became the whole weekend including a hotel.
I always liked it at the hotel where we played often "Werewolves" afterwards untill very late.
I think I made my first game in 2003.


Play games, inventing games, watch movies and maybe snowboarding , which I did this year for the first time.

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

I don’t want to be alone on an island, I need people around me, so I will only go if there will be other people on the island. In that case I’ll take " Heckmeck " and "Mausgeflippt" , with me, both my favourite vacation games.
Simple to explain to foreign speakers, easy to play and loved by many.

How I get my best ideas for games:

Depends, my first game I thought of came to me after a dream. Sometimes I make up something from a theme and at other times something of what I see or hear.
I always start with inventing the complete game in my mind, and not before I know what and how much I need and can visualize playing the game in my mind, I make a prototype and during or after playing I write the rules.

This was my first game:

My first game is "Treasure Dreams" , the game of my dream. Especially the moves and the way how to obtain new cards attracted me.
Later totally changed with a new theme, movement and way to obtain cards staying the same, it has been published in 2009 as "Fish Fish Fish".


  • 2009 Mausgeflippt