Alexander Jung

Alexander Jung

Born in 1975 in Rhineland-Palatinate I now live with my wife and our children in Hamburg.

Since 2002 I am a freelance illustrator of books and games. After I started out illustrating almost exclusively books and sometimes card games, board games belong to the main part of my professional activity by now.

Though I get to play less and less (besides with my children), this does not change anything about my passion to collect games. However, I will neither miss out on regular D&D role-playing evenings nor on small but nice game rounds with friends.


with exception of my family, my hobbies are board and role-playing games and for body and soul Hapkido.

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

a hand full of dice and "Fauna"

My homepage:

Where do I get my best ideas:

on excursions at the weekend, when work is the furthest away.

Who are my favorite artists?

There are many colleagues and old masters whose work I like and admire, but I don't have real idols.

What I like most in illustrating games:

Mostly it is the anticipation of the completed game and the thought of the game nights with the game on the table which was designed by myself.

Moreover, it is a lot of fun to experience the development of a game from a prototype to the complete game.


  • 2010 Mille Grazie
  • 2011 Tante Trudels Trödel
  • 2012 Kroko Togo
  • 2013 Polterfass
  • 2014 Beasty Bar
  • 2015 Nitro Glyxerol
  • 2015 Beasty Bar 2 - New Beasts in Town