Eva Paster

Eva Paster

I was born on 07/21/1971.

I have been playing since 07/21/1971.

1997: Foundation of the company Neuland Industriedesign (together with my colleagues Michael Schmidt and Michael Geldmacher). Neuland Industriedesign designs furniture.

Since 1997 I have worked together with Zoch on some game projects.

1998: Graduation in Industry Desgin (diploma)

In 2000 I started teaching at the Fachhochschule in Munich.




travelling, music, mountain climbing

Games I would take with me to a remote island:


"Niagara" (if the first one gets tattered by the waves)

"Niagara" (it is always recommendable to have a present for the chief of the native tribe on a remote island)

"Werwölfe von Düsterwald" (hoping that there are at least nine natives on the island willing to play)
"Schach" (if there are no other players beside the tribe chief)

Meine Hompage:


How do I get my best ideas?

in company of a glas of Rioja Reserva wine and an Orchestra Baobab CD

My favorite artists and idols:

Sybille Hein regarding game graphics and
Patricia Urquiola regarding furniture design

What excites me when illustrating games:

As an illustrator you are not only allowed to dream you also have to. I can't imagine a more fascinating job as to discover new worlds, to develop new characters and to compress moods... and to get paid for all of this.


  • 2004 Jochen der Rochen
  • 2005 Dschamal
  • 2008 Professor Pünschge
  • 2010 Zozzle
  • 2009 Boochie
  • 2010 Heckmeck Barbecue
  • 2011 Crossboule "beach" - "downtown" - "jungle"
  • 2012 Crossboule "desert" - "mountain" - "space"
  • 2013 Crossbouel "soccer" - "goal" - "home" - "brazil"