Iris Rossbach

Iris Rossbach

After a nice and playful childhood, I studied Fine Arts in Kassel, with an emphasis on painting portraits. Soon I began to illustrate books for children's literature publishers, especially picture books. But I lso have some work experience raising two (now grown up) children myself.


hiking, running, cycling, swimming, sailing, music, dancing, playing games and sometimes reading a book.

Games I would take with me to a remote island:

Games that train you to be  fit for survival:

a tactical game (against boredom and to findy new ways of thinking)

a reaction game (like Geistesblitz, to stay fit for escapes of wild animals and cannbials)

a dexterity game (to stay nimble)

a skipping rope, for multiple uses.

a speaking game (to not forget language)

I like to play games because:

because I did not unlearn to play childhood games.

because I think it is nice to have a place as adult, where problems and sorrows don't matter.

because (depending on the game) the probability to laugh is quite high.

Where do I got my idea for the game:

I got my idea after a too long and grey winter in the sun of the south, where a black cow and me watched each other baffled on the beach. But the roots of my idea already existed in my childhood.


  • 2013 Mucca Pazza
  • 2013 Vaca Loca