Off to the villages! Quickly into the harbour! Racyly to the forest clearing ... and in wind hurry to the castle! Everywhere the scurrying helpers of the great mages are needed to prevent any rotten magic from arising. But black cats, owls, bats and flying dragons cannot be everywhere at once. Or can they? …
As soon as the players have uncovered the animal cards, they have to decide where to put them. For all cards, the players have the same seven storage fields to choose from. But with every card played, every situation changes everywhere ... and with it everything that could be clever at the moment. Within seconds, it is decided which animals will be useful in which places. Who boards the ships at the harbour? Is a plague of rats breaking out in the villages? It’s all up to the players hands …

2-4 players, 8 years up.


Author: Alexey Konnov, Alexey Paltsev, Anatoly Shklyarov

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard!
  • 96 Playing Cards
  • 7 Laying Areas

In Windes Eule

  • Article number: 601105148
  • Age recommendation: from 8 years, Players: 2 - 4
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