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Geistesblitz is a brilliant reaction game in which quick-wittedness and the right action are crucial.

Five large wooden items in five colors stand in the middle of the table. In each round, players turn over one card that shows two items in two different colors. Now the players have to realize as quick as lightning which item to look for. If neither figure is depicted in its original color, you have to grab the item whose shape or color cannot be found on the card. But if an item is depicted in its original color, this item has to be grabbed. If you are right, you win the card. The player with the most cards in the end wins.

for 2 to 8 Players, Ages 8 and up

Attention ! Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 3 ans. Risque d'asphyxie lié à la présence de pièces de petite taille.




Geistesblitz Achat vérifié

Trainiert das Gehirn ungemein. Bringt Aktion in jede Gruppe. Viel Spaß dabei. Montrer la traduction

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Reaktion gefragt Achat vérifié

Spiel und spaß für die ganze Familie… toll fürs Wohnmobil… Montrer la traduction

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Tolles Spiel Achat vérifié

Habe die Schachel noch nicht geöffnet, da das Spiel verschenkt werden soll, kenne es aber bereits und finde es immer wieder super toll, einfache Spielregeln nicht viel Schnickschnack aber Haptisch gut durch die hölzernen Symbole, fördert Konzentration und macht dabei ordentlich Spaß! Montrer la traduction

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Good experience Achat vérifié

Thank you :) It was the first time when I bought a game from Germany. For me it was a little bit risky as it was a Christmas present and it must come in Lithuania on time. It was a Christmas wish of my daugther and I could not find this game in Lithuania anywhere. So I had to risk :) And everything was perfect - clear and easy order, fast shiping. I have got it on time. Great!

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