Games - no longer in the range

Alles Trolli!

"Alles Trolli!" is the second game in the "Alles Tomate!" series. This time, the subject is vacation and travel. Seven categories concerning vacations form the framework of this memory game. One card of each category is displayed on the table. The players need to memorize the depicted items before the cards are turned over. Then, one card from the pile is drawn, determining ba its color the category that is now in play. Who will be quickest to know what the item is on the face-down card?


In "Altamira" you send your hunters off to hunt. There are four different areas where your hunters fashion their weapons before the hunt starts. If your hunters have the right weapons with them at the right time and in the right place, they might be rewarded with rich prey. "Altamira" combines the archaic hunting rituals of the Stone Age with a modern playing system. The beautiful atmosphere of "Altamira" and its unique characters with their funny Stone Age hairdos offers you a journey through a completely different time.


In „Aquileia“, the second most important city of the Roman Empire, arts and crafts, trade and gambling prosper. Precious goods depart from its harbour. In idyllic neighbourhoods manorial villas sprout from the sunny land. Nouveau-riche patricians enjoy themselves watching gladiator combats and chariot races. Being there is everything!


"Arschbombe" is a lively game in which the cards tumble from dizzying heights onto the game table. Whereas adept springboard divers land in still waters far away from the crowd, rascals engage in high-splashing "cannonballs," aiming at the proximity of other bathers. Notably rewarded are the masterful jumps from the 10-meter platform and fabulous pool-edge splashes designed to infuriate peaceable bathers.


A rambling challenge for two to three Indian builders.

The L-parts are placed alternately by both players. At the end of a game the player who placed the most building parts on the outer edge of the third level is the winner. ”Aztec” received the “Sonderpreis Schönstes Spiel“ award for the finest game in 1997.



"Aya" is a combination game for players with quick reactions. The players compete to get five wooden balls in a sequence on the ball track.  In most cases players only have one turn at their disposal. One of the five balls in the middle of the track is replaced by a new ball at the end of the track.  This creates a new combination as another ball rolls into the middle (from where the ball was removed).  Players aim to remove the correct ball from the track to create the combination depicted on the game cards.


In- and Outdoor fun game!


... is a turbulent fun game, in which flies wrangle and count every sting!

Every player has three fly swatters with which he tries to swat as many annoying bluebottles and blood suckers as possible. However, take care!  If the fly swatter strikes useful bees or butterflies only the minus points count!

Burg Appenzell (Appenzell Castle)

The lord of the castle, Gregor Gonzola, no longer lives in his estate. Judging by the wide selection of exquisite cheeses he left behind, he was a sophisticated gourmet. So now the nimble rodents patter through the castle nibbling to their hearts’ content. But, tread carefully! The floor moves in Burg Appenzell!

Capt'n Clever

... is a child's-play treasure hunt with tactical subtlety.

The players move their captains by means of ships from island to island. Through clever manoeuvring of their own ships, the routes of the other players can be crossed. Whoever has raised all the treasures first, may adorn himself with the title "Capt'n Clever".

Cheesy Gonzola

Cheesy Gonzola conquers „Burg Appenzell“! The most ravenous mouse under the cheese sky with his giant sombrero even is resistant to mousetraps.
„Cheesy Gonzola“ indulges up to five friends of the castle now with the extension of this three-dimensional world of adventure, providing an even wider range of actions!

Dicke Luft in der Gruft (Dawn Under)

"Dicke Luft in der Gruft" is a shrewd retention game for grisly friends with an excellent memory. The game design provides sixty sleeping places for vampires. Each of these resting places is closed with a grave lid of which the underside is marked in colour. The players try to protect their vampires against the approaching daylight by finding them a crypt of the matching colour. Recipient of the “Deutscher Spielepreis 2004” for the "Best Children's Game".

Didi Dotter

Players simultaneously look for matching, coloured and magnetic egg halves. Each player places one of the 24 egg halves in his eggcup with the picture of the bird face up.  The players then search with one hand through the remaining egg halves hoping to find the matching half of their eggs. Players are also allowed to take an egg half out of the egg cup of one of the other players.

Dr. Schlüsselbart

A good sense of detection is required when the players search for the correct key in their little cloth bag as this contains very different keys.  As each player searches for other potions, quickness is just as important as a good sense of touch. Whoever manages to lead Doktor Schlüsselbart to all four bottles of potion wins.


"Dschamál" is a turbulent rummaging and touching game.The game becomes fast-paced and full of emotion when several players simultaneously look for the correct game piece in the Oriental “Scrabble Bag”.  Keen intuition and fast grabbing are constantly demanded, for only the player able to identify the game piece by its tactile shape can win.  "Dschamál" offers four rule variations for an action-laden fun game, also for young camel merchants from the age of five!

The Wall

“Die Mauer” is a head-or-tails, bluffing game with a high fun factor.
In every round each player hides one of their building bricks in his closed fist.  All players then bluff about what they’ve chosen before simultaneously showing their chosen building brick. If two or more players chose the same building brick, only the master builder may build. But, if the master builder’s bluff is called, all the the other players may build! The winner is the player who has played all his building bricks first.


"Elefantastico" is a playful “conversion” of an Indian to an African elephant and vice versa. With these game rules, pre-schoolers can already learn the differences between the two largest land mammals. Many playing cards set the players the task of creating all possible combinations with the two “Thickskins”. In this comprehension game, correct placement of the elephant tiles and the rapid recognition of differences are trained playfully.

El Paso

Seven splendid towns “wait” to be looted by you. On each turn, you decide what target you’re aiming at (horses, cow, gold). However, all of you too often get in each other’s way. The longer an outlaw stays in a town, the more stolen goods he can take with him to the next town and turn into money there. But he who takes his time could fall into the sheriff’s hands.

Fifty Fifty

Fifty Fifty is a catchy and dynamic card game that is won by the player who owns "nothing" in the end. The game revolves around face halves showing a grim (blue) and a laughing (yellow) eye. When two halves are assembled, the face is voided, and you are balanced. Therefore, players always want to have those face halves they currently don't have. Only if you manage to balance out the different halves and don't have any unbalanced halves left at the end will you win the game.


Naturalist Florian Flügel photographs everything that flies in the air, whether bumblebee, butterfly or hot-air balloon. However, in doing so, he often overlooks what is lying in front of him in the meadow.
In the game of „Fladderadatsch“, the players move the magnetic game figure of Florian Flügel over the gameboard, trying to have him avoid stepping into the hidden (also magnetic) pieces of horse- and cow-dung.
The object is to collect the most photo cards by using the game figure.

Flinke Stinker

Flinke Stinker” is a funny animal memory race with beautiful game pieces in a hilarious skunk world. The players are revealing cards. In order to move their skunks forward as quickly as possible they try to find “the right way” in the form of skunk tracks. However, every once in a while, the ravenous puma appears. Smart as it is, it just pinched off its nose, thus, it doesn’t need to pay attention to the smell of the skunks and can easily thwart them.

Frog King

"Frog King" is a fantastic feel and fumble game that is not only for children.

In every round the players feel around in their little linen bags for two of the initial eighteen wooden rods of different lengths. They place these end-to-end to each other on the game board. The player who gets closest to the fattest flies may lengthen the tip of his frog’s tongue until he can finally reach the princess.

Gloria Picktoria

"Gloria Picktoria" is a card collecting game for the best circles of chicken yard society. Trend-conscious chickens have been collecting an assortment of chic accessories for quite a while. In their collections, hats of golden ears of corn, top quality platinum anklets and of course genuine fox bedside rugs dared not be left out.  With "Gloria Picktoria" the winner is the player who has created the most extensive and most valuable collection possible. If only the stealthy fox was not always prowling about, trying to ruin every collection.

"Gold Brew"

“Goldbräu” is meant for everyone who enjoys liquid refreshment. It is a refreshing scramble for the beer garden with the best prospects.

Six beer gardens expand their areas. Four breweries constantly increase their takings. And the players want to be a part of it everywhere: a beer garden in which “their beer” is served – or should the management of the entire brewery rather be changed immediately...?

Gulo Gulo

Every player moves his glutton along 19 track tiles. To get in front, a coloured egg matching the colour of the track tile must be taken out of the nest. However, if the alarm stick falls out of the nest during the “egg grab”, the player has to move backwards.

 A fast-paced thrill for young and old where the children are usually a fingertip ahead...

Haste Bock?

In “Haste Bock?” the players try to move their sheep to the best pasture spots. Of course, there is a lot of pushing, shoving and jumping in the process. “Haste Bock?“ is a tactical and charming game with an easy to learn game mechanism.

Heckmeck Barbecue

"Heckmeck Barbecue", the game that comes in a stylish "Barbecube", opens up a whole new "wormiverse" to all Heckmeck fans. It's a mouthwatering treat for old and new barbecue worm connoisseurs alike. Even real "greenworms" will be sure to acquire the taste!

Heckmeck in der Klackdose

Now the cult game is existing as a mini-version to carry with you at any time with a fine amount of space in every trouser, skirt or jacket.

Hoppladi Hopplada!

Harry Hare, mayor of Bunny Hill, sounds the alarm. The hutches of his town have a full head of hares. More and more hares are without jobs. Fortunately, Harriet Hare from Hasablanca has initiated a hurried appeal; she needs 333 long-ears to build her new hacienda. They must be skilled at high hutch building and have the luck of a rabbit’s foot at dice rolling. So, let’s go to Hasablanca! Hares to your good fortune!

Iglu Pop

"Iglu Pop" is a sound-intense shaking game for the entire family. Twelve igloos, each containing different numbers of glass balls, make up the village in the centre of the table. Nine number cards are spread out around the village. Players try to place as many igloos as possible on the cards so that the printed number corresponds with the number of glass balls in the igloos. As all players play simultaneously, a good ear, agility and intuition are an absolute must!

"Jocker the Rocker"

“Jochen der Rochen” is a skills game for children. It requires sensitive fingertip feeling.
Jocker cavorts about with five pairs of multicoloured fish on the round “dancing surface”.
With a gentle touch of the finger, the children try to tip the dance floor into a slanting position so that only fish of a certain colour slide off the dance floor. Whoever manages to do this is rewarded with a slice of pie.

"King of the Moles"

Every player has a molehill and rolls a dice down over the side of this molehill. Once the dice has rolled to a rest, you may move your molehill to this spot. The player, who first manages to curve around all the obstacles on the course, wins the game.

An unusual racing game where sons may teach their fathers a lesson”¦

"Crow’s Treasure"

Colour-coded objects are printed underneath 36 cone-shaped “crow’s beaks”. Each player receives a task card representing one of these objects and colours. The players simultaneously try to find the crow’s beak that exactly matches the colours and objects on their task card.

Included in the selection list for “Kinderspiel des Jahres 2003“ (“Children’s Game of the Year 2003”).

Los Mampfos

Three donkeys trot along their track around the oats mill. En route, the players feed them oats counters that disappear inside the hollow wooden donkeys. Now and then one donkey “decides” to relieve himself. But before this happens, the players secretly decide which colour counters they suspect to be in this donkey.  Once the moveable donkey-tail is raised, the counters tumble out of the donkey’s bottom and are distributed among the players who guessed correctly.

Make Five

The tilted level of the game board has five grooves in which 25 wooden discs are arranged. A player allows one wooden disc to roll down in any chosen groove. The other player may then change one wooden disc with another to create horizontal colour rows. When all the wooden discs have been placed, the points are counted.

"Make Five" creates order and chaos in the tilt.


The mouse goes out. In this season, fashionable mice wear the latest collection from Carl Catscoat, together with a handbag from Cootschi with an integrated cat-protector in the form of a cheese. Because of this, it is getting more and more difficult for tomcat Kilian and his pals to catch mice. But now, the cats came up with an idea: they "show" the mice that they have identical pieces of clothing. Shocked that these felines don't wear designer pieces, the stunned mice can be caught. And zap – the paw strikes again ”¦


"Masterthieves" is a brilliant searching game in a spirit of detection.The fine wooden jewellery box consists of three swivelling levels, each with four drawers. As each level can turn on its own axis and the entire jewellery box can be turned up side down, all drawers can be filled with precious stones from both sides. Particularly valuable jewels are hidden in the secret compartments. The players try to plunder the valuable content of the drawers.

Mille Grazie

“Mille Grazie” is a thrilling “bandit game” for the whole family. The players take turns in playing the roles of traveling merchants and shady thieves. When acting as merchants, they try to travel undisturbed on North-Italian trade routes, whereas the thief players try to disrupt those travel plans from ambush.

Nicht zu fassen

"The uncatchables" brings the popular hide-and-seek game home onto your table. It transports the children to the fairy-tale world of the wolf and the seven goats and even pulls in adults along with them.
"The uncatchables" has a highly stimulating nature and tempsts you to play again and again. Wouldn't you like to be the first to pu the wolf finger puppet over your finger? It is the "hero" of the game and beautifies the contents, as do the usual top-quality wooden materials.

O Zoo Le Mio

"O Zoo le Mio" is a tactical game about the world of animals. Each player builds their own zoo. To do so, players have to design the largest and most appealing animal enclosures, as many visitor-enticing loop roads as possible and the grandest green areas. If possible, cards with animals of the same type should be placed next to each other in such a manner that they become genuine visitor attractions. If only your fellow players would stop building their enclosures in your zoo”¦

Professor Pünschge

Find out which spaces Professor Pünschge wants to enter or avoid on his way home! Draw the correct logical conclusion from his “steps”! Will you succeed in bringing home the professor over only the exact spaces he desires?

Ramba Samba

In "Ramba Samba" it is all about shapes, feeling and a jolly caterpillar with clothes made of many colourful wooden parts. With each turn, the players grab into the cloth bag at the same time to take out the next matching puzzle part. The player who has placed the most wooden parts in position is the winner. "Ramba Samba" develops tactile perception (form ascertainment) in a fun way, because whoever can feel the matching forms the fastest, wins.

Sac Noir

"Sac Noir" –the designer Bausack".Many have tried to copy our award winning “Bausack” but none have succeeded.  We now present the designer “Bausack”: “Sac Noir”.  “Sac Noir” contains approximately 30 new parts in black and red and is not only an unusual gift, but is also an absolute must for every game collection. No other building game comes even close to offering the same variety and breathtaking building possibilities.


“Salamanca” is a multifaceted placing game with easy to understand rules. Together, the players create a mosaic of blooming landscapes. The player, who places his own castles, farms and monasteries most cleverly in these landscapes, is best supplied with rich harvests, robust livestock and bubbling springs. A good vintage year can also be expected but be warned: plagues of locusts, rats, ruin or poison can strike at any time!

San Ta Si

"San Ta Si" is a three-dimensional form-inserting duel with very simple instructions. Two players are given 15 tubes of diverse diameters and heights.  There are three building sites and both players alternate in turns by adding a tube either from their own building stock or from their opponent’s stock.  The aim of the game is to have the most of your building material visible and to hide as much of your opponent’s material as possible.

"Slip & Slide"

Little bears are placed around a hole full of honey on a playing surface which is divided into six sections, and surrounded by a chain. Each player has a turn to pull his bear on a coloured ring. The player who pulls other bears into the honey hole is rewarded with honey drops.

A bearish slide around the honey hole that gives children sneaky pleasure.

Schnipp Kick (Großspiel)

"Schnipp Kick" is a turbulent skills quartet. There are 16 pictures of animals arranged in a generous wooden frame. From each corner of the wooden frame, a player flips his wooden ring across the pictures and takes the quarter of the animal picture on which his wooden ring has come to rest. The objective of the game is to collect quartets by skilful flipping. Choice wood materials, brilliant colour prints and child-friendly illustrations are characteristics of this top-class game.

"Shrill Silence"

The players try to promote their own labels by cleverly placing valuating blocks and attempting to manoeuvre the stars of the other players off the charts. By understanding the hidden motives of the other players and through the forming of alliances, the player is lead to victory.

An innovative “CD-Player” provides super thrills.


"Sicilianos" is a streetwise card game about powerful families. The players compete to get control of influential members of a “respectable family business”. The player who accumulates the most high value cards of one family can initiate a gang war with the input from his illegal earnings.  The winner of this feud establishes a legal business to have his money laundered by a broker and so doing, remove all traces of illegality. Defectors, bodyguards and bomb planters provide unexpected twists in this strife of the families”¦


Suleika“, the enchanting daughter of the sultan, wants to get married. The one who brings her the most beautiful carpets and also the most money will be chosen. The sultan sends out his faithful servant, Omar, to look for qualified candidates at the flying bazaar. Nominated for the game award "Spiel des Jahres" 2008

Sushizock im Gockelwok

By rolling the dice the players try to get hold of preferably delicious sushi. However, each tasty sushi portion also requires a fish bone. The players only score points for their sushi portions if they also have an equivalent amount of fish bones. Of course, smaller fish bones don’t weigh as much as big ones”¦ Eventually, the player with the most points wins.

Tante Trudels Trödel

Everything about "Tante Trudels Trödel" is friendly and down to earth. It is simply fun to have a look at the goods and fill your shopping basket with dishes, scooters, and Christmas trees. The exciting part is the huge scale at the exit. This is where "Tante Trudel" weighs all purchases and crowns the new junk shop king.

Toni Tümpel

“Toni Tümpel” is an ingenious race for children from 5 years of age. The game addresses the retention skills of the young ones. The touch-appealing wooden frogs transport the youngest polliwogs into playful high spirits. Against them the old frogs and the grouchy toads stand little chance.


The game consists of three stable wooden frames each with 24 differently shaped wooden parts. You can either build according to one of the pictures provided, or create a picture according to your own mood.

"Triqua" is a beautifully shaped puzzle – pure inspiration and creativity!

Virus & Co

"Virus & Co." is an auction game about health. The objective of the game is to stay healthy and to send the other players to the intensive care unit. Virus, syringe or risk cards are brought into circulation. Viruses cause illness, syringes can heal, but every overdose is dangerous. The cards can be warded off with tablets. Whoever deals with his tablets too lavishly will sooner or later be left defenceless against bacteria. Therefore, you should consider going to the pharmacy occasionally.


“Vocabulantis” is a fun, language game for school children from their second school year with which English is learnt while playing. A variable island world is spread out in front of the children. On the island there are alphabet characters. The players try to unlock a password while they cleverly connect the islands to collect the required letters. To do this, they have to solve problems that are either easy or a little more challenging while quite casually learning the English vowels and expanding their language knowledge.

Volle Wolle

"Volle Wolle" is a cleverly woven dice game to get the best cards. Anyone who wishes to keep his waistcoat white, should avoid going around with black sheep. In order to obtain the most valuable parcels of wool, you need a good measure of self-confidence as well as dice throwing luck. "Volle Wolle" is a contest in sheep’s wool for talented dice throwers.

Zapp Zerapp

Each player moves three sorcerer’s apprentices around the circular course on the game board. In the centre, there are thirteen identical “rattle barrels”, each containing a different number of beads.   Two dice are thrown to determine the “magic number” for each round, before all players simultaneously shake the barrels to guess the number of beads in them. By listening and feeling carefully, each player then selects a barrel which, in their opinion,  contains the same or fewer beans than the “magic number” thrown.  The players who selected the correct barrels may move their sorcerer’s apprentices further along their course.

Zicke Zacke Entenkacke

The long awaited game extension of Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke for even more “Chicken Cha Cha Cha” fun!  With this water bird extension, the game is now playable with 6 players. 

Please note! Only playable with Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke / Chicken Cha Cha Cha.

Zicke & Zacke book 1

This is the panoramic picture book of the award-winning game "Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke" ("Chicken Cha Cha Cha"). The two protagonists that have recently hatched from the egg, the twin chicks Zicke and Zacke, venture off on a search for their only true Mama. It soon transpires that the two chicks could not have been more different. While Zicke  searches hesitantly and anxiously, Zacke has already sprinted off. On their search they make many acquaintances. Finally, however, there is a happy ending with their Mama.

Zicke & Zacke book 2

Zicke and Zacke do not want to be chickens anymore because they consider their chicken yard to be too middle class. During their search for a new home, Zicke and Zacke knock on the door of the pheasants, wake the geese and bother the vain peacock. On their tour, the two repeatedly come across the prowling fox that is hungrily on the look-out for a tasty evening meal. After they have met with rejection everywhere, they decide on a really crooked bird as father”¦

The Zicke & Zacke Chickens in Plush

In the wake of the successful children’s game "Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke" ("Chicken Cha Cha Cha") there are now cuddly soft toys made by sigikid! The fluffy chickens "Zicke & Zacke" in three different sizes make the hearts of children beat a little faster!


”Zozzle” is the most entertaining mixture of memorizing, collecting and puzzling that is available on the games’ market. All four versions (images) offer a maximum of game fun at a minimum of format size. 45 cards – 1 competition for 1 image! Find the pairs. Assemble the animal image. Done!

Zozzle Junior

On the large-format laying tiles – optimal for small hands – children's eyes spot also details. This way, even four-year-olds can do the spatial assignment for generating a whole picture out of 9 picture parts. This encourages creativity and visual thinking, and strengthens self-confidence when one's "own" work has been completed!


Even if we don't have the games in our program anymore the according spare parts are still available. Furthermore, you find the game rules on this page.