Volles Fass voraus
Volles Fass voraus
Volles Fass voraus
Volles Fass voraus
Volles Fass voraus
Volles Fass voraus
Volles Fass voraus
Volles Fass voraus

Volles Fass voraus

  • Article number: 601105192
  • Age recommendation: from 10 years


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Product information

Watch out – unloading your ship is easier said than done!

In this game, the players take turns to move their ship between the harbours and load it with barrels, which can then be exchanged for gold coins. However, getting the barrels off board is easier said than done and requires careful planning!


Designed for 2-4 players, this game requires you to move your ship between the various islands on the game board.

Designed by the Italian author Giansimone Migoniv, “Volles Fass voraus” is the perfect introduction to the world of family board games. The player who occupies the westernmost berth goes first (the further east you dock, the more barrels you can load). However, if you choose the most lucrative spot, you can only unload when all the other players have finished loading their ships in the next port.

In addition to loading barrels, you can also hire sailors to protect your ship against pirates and storms and collect extra gold coins. What’s more, some of the more lucrative harbours are filled with special treasure cards, which can be exchanged for gold coins.

However, the key to winning the game  is to arrange your barrels in an orderly fashion: In order to unload barrels, you must be able to get them off the deck without touching other barrels in the process.

Featuring a fun modular design, “Volles Fass voraus” is a fun and entertaining family game that is guaranteed to keep you guessing!

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard!

Product details

  • Genre: Family game, board game
  • Number of players: 2-4
  • Recommended age: 10 and above
  • Languages: DE/GB/F/I
  • Duration: approx. 40 minutes


  • Contents: Contents: 1 four-piece game board, 45 wooden barrels, 26 harbour tiles, 4 wooden money bags, 4 wooden ships, 36 game cards, 1 set of rules
  • Product number: 601105192
  • Author: Giansimone Migoni
  • Illustration: Dennis Lohausen
  • Copyright: ©2023 Zoch Verlag



Volles Fass voraus…….

……ist ein interessantes und abwechslungsreiches Spiel mit relativ leichtem Zugang. Auch die Spielregel lässt keine Fragen offen. Wir haben zu viert (Empfehlung) 3 Runden gespielt und es gab immer einen anderen Sieger. Das Konzept ist toll, da nicht vorhersehbar ist, wie sich das Spiel für jeden einzelnen entwickelt. Der vom Verlag beschriebene Tiefgang ist auf jeden Fall gegeben.
Ein klitzekleines Manko:
Wenn man es öfter hintereinander spielt, kennt man die Hafenkarten der Bereiche A-C ein wenig und weiß, welche der Karten, die noch nicht umgedreht wurden, noch kommen Daher schreit es förmlich um Hafenerweiterungskarten, die das Spiel noch unberechenbarer machen.
Ansonsten absolute Empfehlung !
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