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Whether in a large team or as an exciting duel: parlour games create the best conditions for a family games evening full of fun and excitement. Find out what distinguishes our party games for the whole family and what to look out for when buying them by reading on here.


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Card games




Claro is the clearest card game in the world. Everything is clear with no more than two rules: 1. "Always play a card!"… well, that was clear. 2. "Be the last player who can do this!"… again, totally clear. It is also completely clear that each card allowed is clearly higher than the one previously played. Clearly enough, stars of the same color on two cards are also OK. Exciting. Captivating. Claro. For 3-6 players, aged 7 and up.   Author: Joseph M. Allué

Villa Paletti

Family games

Villa Paletti



Villa Paletti Villa Paletti is an exceptional construction game, in which the laws of equilibrium are out of bounds. Each player has five different columns to his disposal. To begin, the columns are placed on the base and then the first of five asymmetric plateaus is put on top of them. Each player places one of his columns on the upper plateau. If a player has no column left, he has to add the next plateau instead. The winner is the player who placed the most valuable columns on the shaky upper plateau. for 2 to 4 Players, Ages 8 and up

Wie die Wombats

Card games

Wie die Wombats



You rarely see many wombats alone. But where are the fewest and where are the most? As quickly as possible, the team of players makes a hopefully correct estimate of the number and location of wombats scurrying across the meadows. To do so, they face the task of laying out all wombat cards to create a pattern that shows the cute little animals in ascending order of their frequency on the cards. Part of the teamwork is also to turn over the sand timer every time a minute seems to have fewer seconds than players expected. Wie die Wombats is a fast-paced cooperative eye-and-brain twister, where nothing is as little as it seems, but many things are much more than they look. For 1-6 players, aged 8 and up.   Author: Thomas Schneider-Axmann

Fruddel Muddel

Social & Parlour games

Fruddel Muddel



In the centre of the table, four fruits made of padded fabric are waiting to be snatched by the players. But which one is the right one? Simultaneously, all players uncover a playing card that shows three fruits in colour-coded form, although at first glance only one variety is visible. Only those who pay attention to the colours of the background and the fruit outline can recognise which three fruits are, for example, meant by a grape-blue strawberry with a pear-green outline. The player who sees through the colour-coded vitamin dispensers on all the playing cards in a flash grabs the right fruit from the centre of the table. The fastest and cleverest fruit picker wins. „Fruddel Muddel" is the fruit and colour muddle that adds zest to any family game night. With its entertaining 15 minutes, it is also ideal as a party game. It was developed by author Daan Kreek and illustrated by Oliver Freudenreich.   Author: Daan Kreek

Kipp mir Saures

Family games

Kipp mir Saures



Kipp mir Saures is the game where three tubes are filled with cubes tactically clever until they dump out sweets. In a spectacular three-dimensional rack, flavor, shape and pack tubes are waiting to be filled with cubes. Once the weight of the cubes causes tubes to tip, all the cubes tumble out. At these moments, players may grab new treats, shape candy with cards, and pack what they‘ve collected. The tactically clever thing to do is to use the different weights and colors of the dice in such a way that the tastiest treats arrive in their own packages.   Author: Emmanuel Albisser

Pearls from poseidon

Family games

Pearls from poseidon



Designed for 2-4 players aged 8 and above, this treasure-themed game requires you to search for a set of hidden pearls. To begin with, a stamping block is used to reveal the contours of mystical objects on the ocean floor. Using treasure cards, the players must then decipher the exact positions and names of the various pearls and collect as many Poseidon coins as possible.   The game is played on a nautograph – an essential piece of equipment in any underwater treasure hunt. To set up the game, a piece of paper with a hidden template is inserted into the board. The players then take turns to choose a coordinate and use the stamp to uncover a section of the mysterious underwater world. Step by step, the secrets of Poseidon’s treasure world are gradually revealed with each stamp. The contours of the stamps indicate the presence of a pearl,  the exact position of which is shown on two treasure cards. The treasure cards can also be used to decipher the names of the pearls. The player who collects the most Poseidon coins by uncovering the positions of the pearls and guessing their names correctly is the winner. This thrilling treasure-themed game is perfect for an entertaining evening with family or friends – decipher the clues and see who can collect the most pearls!    


Family games




When it’s your turn, you try to roll four identical numbers. However, if you throw three ravens, your turn is over and you only get a marble stone token. These "frustrations" cost you a good chunk of points in the end but can also be used to your advantage during the game. Pay them to reroll your dice or to force another player to reroll theirs. Worst/Best of all, everybody can also steal points from their favorite opponents.   Author: Peter Jürgensen

Das Kleinhorn vom Riesenwald

Children’s games

Das Kleinhorn vom Riesenwald


soon available again

“Das Kleinhorn im Riesenwald” is a magical children’s game that stimulates the imagination and transports the players into a world full of colour and fantasy. Four giants are rushing through the forest to guard unicorns. The colour of the played card indicates which giant moves through the forest. Once the giant reaches a matching unicorn, the unicorn can be collected and guarded. If another unicorn is discovered at the same time and the player also has a matching card in their hand, they can add it to their collection. If you can’t find a matching unicorn in the forest, you can steal one from another player. The player who has collected the most horns at the end of the game is the winner. Designed by Benjamin and Emma Schwer and beautifully illustrated by Michele Cavaloti, “Das Kleinhorn vom Riesenwald” is an entertaining game for the whole family.   Author: Emma & Benjamin Schwer

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Parlour games: fun for the entire family

Party games are fun, promote different skills and offer a change from dealing with digital media. But probably the greatest advantage of these special games is another: they manage to bring the entire family together. This creates valuable family time that strengthens the sense of community and remains in the best of memories.

What is a parlour game?

When we discuss parlour games, we mean games that are intended to be played by several players together.

What types of parlour games are there?

Almost every conceivable type of game is available as a parlour game for numerous players. This leads to a truly considerable selection, ranging from parlour and party games and dice games to card games and games of skill and strategy.

Who can enjoy parlour & party games?

Parlour and party games are aimed at a wide range of target groups. The majority of games appeal to players of different ages and are therefore interesting for kids as well as for young people and adults. In principle, the demands a game makes on its players should always be geared towards the youngest players so that they are not overwhelmed. Games with very few, simple rules that last a maximum of 15 minutes per round and have extremely child-friendly content are suitable for children as young as three years old. The more complex the rules and content and the longer the playing time, the more suitable the game is for older children.

But: If younger children are supported by an older sibling or an adult when playing, they may also master parlour games for which they are actually still a little too small.

Advantages of playing parlour games?

The benefits that parlour games provide are unbeatable. In detail, the following plus points speak for the popular games:


Within the family, interests often differ greatly, especially depending on the age of the individual family members. Party games succeed in bridging these differences. They are an activity in which the whole family can participate with pleasure – for cross-generational gaming fun.

Preserving tradition and cultural heritage

Games have brought people together for thousands of years. Accordingly, parlour games are a piece of cultural history you can touch and experience yourself.

An affordable and valuable way to spend time

Once purchased, a varied game can provide fun hours over and over again. Fun party games are therefore an inexpensive pastime that invites you to spend sociable evenings playing games. 

A break from digital media

Many kids and young people today spend a lot of time with digital media every day. Party games can be a useful counterbalance to gambling on a PC or console and watching television.

Language and mathematical skills

Younger children of toddler, preschool and primary school age in particular benefit from games that include numbers and language components. Such games are excellent for promoting number comprehension and language skills.

Social interaction

Parlour games for the family encourage social interaction. After all, people chat while playing, an exchange takes place and sometimes discussions and conflict topics arise that want to be discussed together.

Emotional development

Emotions inevitably arise when playing. Sometimes you are angry about a defeat, sometimes you are happy about a success, or you are very tense in the face of a change in the game. In this way, your child has the opportunity to deal with their feelings in a safe environment and to expand their skills in processing emotions through play.

Boosting concentration

A certain amount of concentration is essential for most party games. Therefore, the fun games train the ability to concentrate and improve the attention span.

Following rule

Hardly any game can do without rules. Since rules are part of every adolescent's everyday life, playing together offers a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with understanding and following certain rules.

What to consider when purchasing parlour games?

For fun times with your family, you naturally want to choose only the best parlour games. Given the wide range of games on the market, this is not so easy. To help you make the right decision, we have summarised some of the most important aspects of buying a game:

Players, duration, and set-up

How many players can take part, how long does a game last, and how much time does it take to set up? This information will give you a feeling for whether a product fits your personal expectations and ideas.


If there are accessories for a parlour game, you should find out whether they are included in the scope of delivery. If this is not the case, it may be necessary to purchase the accessories separately for maximum variety.


Speaking of variety: A good party game should by no means be monotonous. The more varied the product, the longer the interest in it will last. 

Age recommendation

In addition, you should not forget to have a look at the age recommendation of the manufacturer. This gives you an indication of the average age at which a game is suitable.

Sustainable party games: buy once – play for a lifetime

Sustainability and durability are two points that are particularly important to Zoch in the production of parlour games. We attach great importance to producing games that provide long-lasting enjoyment and meet our high standards of environmental friendliness. Therefore, all our games meet the following criteria:

Material quality

Parlour games from Zoch are produced in an environmentally conscious way. Recycled materials, which are of course harmless to health, are used. The result is excellent games with the added bonus of environmental friendliness.

Made in Germany

Our games deserve the title “Made in Germany”. Because they are not only designed in Germany, but also receive their final touches here in our factory in Fürth. The durability of our products is of particular importance to us. In other words, the games you can buy from us are made to last for many years and to accompany your family for a long time.

Quality labels

We have made quality our priority! To ensure the consistently high quality of our games, the products undergo internal and external quality tests. As a result, they are given labels that confirm their high quality.

Find many fun parlour games in the Zoch range

When a huge selection meets great quality and original game content, it can only mean one thing: You are in the Zoch shop. We present you with varied game ideas with numerous creative details that will delight the whole family. Among our party games, you will find these top products:

Fruddel Muddel

In Fruddel Muddel, cheeky little fruits are in the spotlight! The players' task is to decipher colour-coded cards and be the first to grab the indicated fruit. If you want to win, you have to think fast and strike even faster.

Strand unter

Strand Unter (literal translation: Beach under) takes the whole family to the beach for a fun castle-building competition. Collect the necessary materials and build the most magnificent sand castles to win the game. But be careful: the low tide is guaranteed to be followed by the high tide, which will wash your castle into the sea if you're not careful.

Conclusion: party games: let’s have some fun!

When the entire family gathers together full of anticipation, it's that time again: a board game from Zoch is set up! Our colourful selection of games is aimed at kids, teenagers, and adults of different age groups and comes up with high-quality, original and environmentally consciously produced games. Experience creative gaming fun for young and old and discover varied games with which you can create a valuable balance to your occupation with digital media.

Curious about the rest of the Zoch range? Then visit our homepage and check out exciting products such as parlour games, card games and dice games. Have fun browsing!