Kipp mir Saures is the game where three tubes are filled with cubes tactically clever until they dump out sweets. In a spectacular three-dimensional rack, flavor, shape and pack tubes are waiting to be filled with cubes. Once the weight of the cubes causes tubes to tip, all the cubes tumble out. At these moments, players may grab new treats, shape candy with cards, and pack what they‘ve collected. The tactically clever thing to do is to use the different weights and colors of the dice in such a way that the tastiest treats arrive in their own packages.


Author: Emmanuel Albisser

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard!
  • 3 Tubes With Rack
  • 1 Wooden Stick
  • 35 Cards
  • 36 Dice
  • 60 Ingredient Cubes

Kipp mir Saures

  • Article number: 601105154
  • Age recommendation: from 8 years, Players: 2 - 4
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