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Are you on your toes? Find out with reflex and reaction board games from Zoch! Find out here what exactly distinguishes our fast games for kids and how they have a beneficial effect on your child's development.


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Ist da wer?!

Children’s games

Ist da wer?!



Ten pairs of animals have hidden in a large three-dimensional bush. But only a few blobs of colour can be seen through the slits between the branches. Look carefully and find out which colours are not there and thus recognise which animals have made themselves invisible behind the thicket at the very bottom of the bush. New animals retreat into this hiding place in each round of the game. Whoever has found out which animals have just hidden in the thicket quickly grabs their wooden figure! As a reward, everyone who is right gets picture cards from which they can put together their own little zoo. "Ist da wer?!" by Zoch is the fun and colourful animal search game about visible and invisible colours. It encourages children's observation, powers of deduction and attention. Author Enrico Feresin came up with it. It was illustrated by Gabriela Silveira.   Author: Enrico Feresin

Fruddel Muddel

Social & Parlour games

Fruddel Muddel



In the centre of the table, four fruits made of padded fabric are waiting to be snatched by the players. But which one is the right one? Simultaneously, all players uncover a playing card that shows three fruits in colour-coded form, although at first glance only one variety is visible. Only those who pay attention to the colours of the background and the fruit outline can recognise which three fruits are, for example, meant by a grape-blue strawberry with a pear-green outline. The player who sees through the colour-coded vitamin dispensers on all the playing cards in a flash grabs the right fruit from the centre of the table. The fastest and cleverest fruit picker wins. „Fruddel Muddel" is the fruit and colour muddle that adds zest to any family game night. With its entertaining 15 minutes, it is also ideal as a party game. It was developed by author Daan Kreek and illustrated by Oliver Freudenreich.   Author: Daan Kreek

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Pure adrenaline: the exciting games to improve reaction time from Zoch

When all the players are watching the course of the game spellbound, the tension spreads to every fibre of the body, and you hardly dare to blink, the fun is in full swing with quick board games from Zoch! The fast-paced games dispel any spark of boredom in the blink of an eye and thrill young and old with action-packed game scenarios. 

What are quick board games?

Quick board games and reflex games for children are games that focus on reacting quickly. In one way or another, these games are always about quickly recognising patterns or executing certain movements. Those who are attentive to the task at hand and can correctly implement what is asked quickly have a good chance of winning.

Benefits of quick reflex games

Quick board games are anti-boredom weapons that effectively develop children in these areas:

Cognitive development

Concentration is particularly important in games of this kind. Your child must keep their attention on the game content to be able to react quickly enough at the right moment. Quick thinking is rewarded!

Quick decisions

In everyday life, we make hundreds of decisions every day, which is why the ability to make decisions is one of the most critical skills of all. Quick reflex games for children promote precisely this ability and also improve your child's reaction speed.

Social interaction

When your child plays together with family members or other kids, the conditions are right for the optimal development of social skills. Your child learns to agree, to communicate clearly, to exchange ideas, and to find solutions for interpersonal conflicts.


Playing can occasionally be quite emotional. This gives your child the opportunity to deal with feelings – such as sadness about losing or joy about winning – in a safe environment and to process them in a child-friendly way.

Fine motor skills development

Quick reaction games with movement components invite your child to train their fine motor skills. They practise executing precise movements quickly and automatically train their hand-eye coordination.

Who can play action board games?

This always depends on the individual game and the child's stage of development. Basically, the simpler the rules and the lower the demands on fine motor skills and concentration, the more suitable a game is for very young children. We advise you to have a look at the manufacturer's age recommendations and to assess the developmental stage of the child for whom the game is intended.

Shopping guide for quick board games?

To make it easier for you to choose a suitable quick board game, we have clearly summarised the most important aspects regarding the purchase:

Players and duration

How many players should your new game be for? What kind of content do you want? Are you looking for a quick game for in between, or can a game round last a little longer? Answer these questions in advance so that you can roughly narrow down the selection of options and find your favourite.

Level of difficulty

Simple and easy to understand, or really tricky? Think about how difficult the game of your choice can be, and also consider the age and developmental level of your child. 


When it comes to materials, you should look for high quality, a pleasant feel, and health safety. If the game is also produced in an environmentally friendly way, there is much to suggest that you are dealing with an excellent product.

Discover the Zoch quick reflex games

Quick board games from Zoch convince with top product quality, innovative, loving designs and creative content that promise many fun hours of play. Here we would like to introduce you to two of our popular game hits in more detail:

Fruddel Muddel

Cheeky little fruits, fresh colours and mysteriously encoded playing cards: Fruddel Muddel is a lively quick board game for children aged three and up, where everything revolves around grabbing the right vitamin bomb. Who can unravel the colour-coded cards the fastest and snatch the coveted fruit? May the cleverest one win!

Ist da wer?!

Ist da wer?! (literal translation: Is there anyone?) puts your child's attention and logical thinking to the test. Zoo animals have hidden in the dense bushes, some of which can be partially spotted through the leaves. The one who combines quickly and finds out which animals are hiding at the bottom of the completely opaque bushes gets to grab the corresponding picture card – animal fun guaranteed!

Conclusion: fast games for quick thinkers

Quick board games combine exciting game content with challenging tasks and provide a lot of fun for kids of different ages. The reflex games that you can find at Zoch are all produced in an environmentally friendly way, are of excellent quality, and some have been awarded renowned prizes. Discover a variety of fast games and let yourself be carried away into a colourful world full of excitement, action, and valuable family time.

Our considerable range of games includes quick board games for children, as well as many great products in other appealing game genres. Visit our homepage and browse through board games, games of skill, card games, and other popular product categories.