In this game, players need good visual judgment. By just looking carefully, without using their hands, everybody tries to figure out which cylinders can be connected by placing bars of various lengths.
If it is a player’s turn, they will be assigned a random beam. That player decides which two columns they want to connect. If the player correctly estimated the beam’s length, they are allowed to place new columns from their personal supply into the playing area. Whoever manages to place all their columns first wins. It’s not as easy as all that though! A player may only touch their beam after they have decided which gap they want to bridge.

Kurz vor knapp is the elegant building game of visual estimation that requires players to bridge gaps, if they want to build upwards.


Author: Helmut Punke, Tobias Punke

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard!
  • 60 columns
  • 48 beams
  • 1 string

Kurz vor knapp

  • Article number: 601105150
  • Age recommendation: 8 - 9 years, Players: 2 - 4
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