Skill games

Games of skill require precise movements, clever strategies and lightning-fast reactions! You can read about the features you should look for when buying and which dexterity games for adults and children Zoch offers here.


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Riff Raff

Skill games

Riff Raff



Riff Raff Neptune is raging! The rats are leaving the ship. The sailors are on the ropes and the cargo is shifting all over the deck lickety-split. Only your steady hand can calm all the waves! The players riskily stow away their cargo high up in the yardarms. Many a hardened sea dog turns out to be just an ordinary seaman who has trouble with his balance just halfway up the mast. Whoever will instinctively defy gravity - and catch even free-falling cargo as fast as lightning - will go down in the annals of the seven world oceans... Unique in its equipment and technical finesse, Riff Raff transforms any playing table into the ferocious seabed of a rolling galleon. for 2 to 4 Players, Ages 8 and up


Skill games




Bamboleo Bamboleo is a game of skill for gravity experts and anybody who wants to become a gravity expert. A cork ball on the top of a wooden pedestal carries a board on which about 25 wooden pieces are placed. These pieces have different shapes, sizes and weights. In turn, each player takes away one of these pieces from the board, while trying to keep the board balanced. Some sloping positions of the board seem to be impossible and when it tumbles, the game is over. The player who is able to take the most pieces off the board (without causing it to tumble) is the winner. A wobbly challenge for the whole family and a pleasure to play, enjoy and watch. for 2 to 6 Players, Ages 6 and up


Family games




Hamsterrolle Hamsterrolle plays a role again! This daredevil thrill for holders of the ring brings turning moment on the game table. This loopy roleplay boasts equipment of excellent quality and has for more than ten years excited every game round with finest gameplay. Especially as framing one another is encouraged! for 2 to 4 Players, Ages 7 and up

Maxi Bamboleo

Skill games

Maxi Bamboleo



Maxi Bamboleo is an eye-catcher of extraordinary style. 24 big wooden pieces are placed onto a round wooden disc. The disc itself balances on a cork ball which rests in the cavity on top of the stand - 35 cm above the ground. Piece by piece, the players try to take the wooden elements from the disc, without bringing the whole construction out of balance. When the disc starts to sway, everyone playfully learns how thrilling the influence of gravity can be. for 2 to 6 Players, Ages 6 and up

Menara - Rituals & Ruins

Family games

Menara - Rituals & Ruins



The expansion to the cooperative building game Menara has a lot to offer: spectacular temple floors, golden columns… and then there even are tears of the gods, trying to keep players from their collective success. The crew always takes on a scenario of its choice.

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Board games of skill – put your nerves to the test

Who has the best coordination, the deftest hand and the steadiest nerves? The one who has the greatest chance of coming out on top in dexterity games. The games of skill for children and adults offer first-class entertainment and exciting fun for the whole family.

What is a game of skill?

A game of skill is a game in which it is not (exclusively) luck, but above all the skill of the players, that determines victory or defeat. The games demand balance, logic, reaction speed, a steady hand and a clear head. The rule is: practice makes perfect.

Benefits of skill games

Kids and adults benefit from games of skill in the following ways:

Cognitive development

Much of the game content appeals to the players on a cognitive level. Logical thinking is required, which is effectively promoted during this. 


Particularly in games of skill that are played in teams, your child will also receive language support. After all, they have to communicate with their teammates and make agreements.

Concentration enhancement

Without concentration, victory in such a game becomes unattainable. Accordingly, your child's ability to concentrate improves as he or she plays.

Speed & skill

And the reaction speed is also put to the test. Because in many a game of skill, the winner is the one who performs the required action the fastest at the right moment.


Waiting for the right moment and trying out the most skilful manoeuvres also focuses on patience. If you act too quickly or lose your composure, you reduce your chances of winning.

Fine motor skills development

Fine motor skills are promoted to a particularly high degree in games of physical skill. After all, most games of this kind involve some form of skilfully coordinated movement with the utmost precision.

Hand-eye coordination

While playing, your child logically also trains its hand-eye coordination. What they do with their hands must be skilfully coordinated with what they see with their eyes.


Especially when a failed attempt leads to anger or a success causes pride, your child has the opportunity to deal with his or her emotions through play. In this way, they practice dealing with their feelings.

Social interaction

Since the majority of skill games for adults and children are played together, your child can practice interpersonal interaction. During the game, it is not uncommon to have discussions and conflicts that need to be resolved, so your child can strengthen their social skills.

From what age are dexterity games suitable for children?

Dexterity board games often require some fine motor skills, which is why they are mostly aimed at children who are at least three, sometimes five or six years old. To find out which game is suitable for your child, you should look at the age recommendations of the manufacturer. However, these are only intended as a rough guide. In other words, if your child is ahead of the average for their age group in the relevant skills, they may already be able to play dexterity board games that are originally intended for older children.

What should you look for when buying games of skill?

To reduce the risk of making a bad purchase, you should consider these aspects when buying a game:

Players & duration

Find out how many players a game can be played with, what content it offers, and how long a round lasts on average. With this information in hand, you can already assess whether a product basically fits your ideas and wishes.

Level of difficulty

Choose a game whose difficulty matches the abilities of the youngest player. This way, you can make sure that all players can enjoy playing.


Place value on content that promotes learning. An excellent game should not only be fun, but also have a beneficial effect.

Material quality

When it comes to materials, your priority should be high-quality, carefully crafted products with a pleasant feel. Furthermore, all materials should, of course, be harmless to health. If the game is also produced in an environmentally friendly way, you are most likely dealing with a first-class product.  


Find out what accessories are available for each game. It is also interesting to know whether these accessories are included or have to be bought separately.

Discover board games of skill from our Zoch range

Skill games from Zoch inspire with outstanding quality, creative, varied game content and original designs. In our assortment, you can discover these game hits, among others:

Kurz vor knapp

In Kurz vor knapp (literal translation Just Before the End), the aim is to close gaps with wooden sticks and place columns on them. The trick: A wooden stick may only be used after the player has decided where he wants to place the stick. He must therefore accurately assess whether the length of the randomly assigned stick fits. The first player to successfully install his entire supply of poles wins the game.


A wobbly affair: Bamboleo is played on a round wooden plate that balances on a ball, which in turn rests on a wooden base. There are 25 wooden pieces on the board, which are taken down in turn. But be careful: the board must not lose its balance and slide down because then the game ends. The winner is the player who has collected the most wooden pieces by this time.

Riff Raff

The stormy expanses of the sea, an abandoned ship and sailors whose balance is in demand: these are the ingredients for the ultimate fun that you can experience with Riff Raff. Will you manage to grab most of the bobbing cargo against all odds?

Conclusion: games of dexterity – a challenge for body and mind

They strengthen the sense of community, encourage children on different levels and promise exciting fun with terrific thrills: dexterity games should definitely not be missing from any game collection. The games of skill for children and adults from Zoch inspire kids, teenagers and adults alike, are made from high-quality materials and deliver game ideas that are hard to beat in terms of originality. Get to know our varied range and browse through lots of dexterity board games that will captivate young and old in no time.

You can discover more from Zoch on our homepage! There you will find a colourful mix of product categories, from boules, lawn bowls and outdoor games to family games and classic board games.

FAQ – Everything to know about games of dexterity

What is dexterity anyway?

A game of skill is a game that focuses on the skill of the players. This is put to the test, for example, through content that challenges logical thinking, a lightning-fast reaction, an understanding of gravity, a particularly steady hand and balance.

What types of dexterity games are there?

Among games of skill, there are, for example, board games, sticking games, stacking games and movement games. There are also solo games as well as products that are played as duels or in teams.  

Which materials are suitable for skill games?

Most of the game components are made of wood, plastic, or metal. With proper processing, all these materials are characterised by good durability, whereby wood is particularly pleasant to the touch. Ultimately, you should always pay attention to the appropriate quality of each material.